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Myths and Facts about Suicide

Myth : Persons who talk about suicide, do not commit suicide.
Facts : Of any 10 persons who will commit, 8 have given definite warnings of their suicidal intentions.

Myth : Persons who talk about suicide, do not commit suicide.
Facts : Studies reveal that suicidal persons give many clues and warning regarding their suicidal intentions.

Myth : Suicidal people are fully intent on dying.
Facts : Most suicidal persons are undecided about living or dying, and they “gamble with death”, leaving it to others to save them. Almost no one commits suicide without letting others know how they are feeling.

Myth : Once a person is suicidal, they are suicidal forever.
Facts : Individuals who wish to kill themselves are suicidal only for a limited period of time.

Myth : Suicide strikes much more often among the rich, or, conversely, almost exclusively among the poor.
Facts : Suicide is neither the rich man’s disease nor the poor man’s curse. Suicide is represented proportionately in all levels of society.

Myth : Suicide is inherited or “runs in the family”.
Facts : It follows individual patterns.

Myth : Improvement following a suicidal crisis means that the suicidal risk is over.
Facts : Most suicides occur about 3 months following the beginning of “improvement”, when the individual has the energy to put his morbid thoughts and feelings into effect.

Myth : Suicide attempters are just looking for attention.
Facts : Most people considering suicide are sincerely reaching out for help. Their cries should not be taken lightly.

Myth : Talking about suicide encourages people to do it..
Facts : When listened to with care, suicidal people get a chance to express themselves and may find relief.

Myth : All suicidal individuals are mentally ill, and suicide is always the act of a psychotic person.
Facts : Studies of hundreds of genuine suicide notes indicate that although suicidal people are extremely unhappy, they are not necessarily mentally ill.